The Guild Newsletter: Spring Edition 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of The Guild Newsletter! As spring blossoms, so do our projects and initiatives. We're excited to share a lot of updates, from groundbreaking developments in GraphQL to remarkable community contributions. Let's dive into what's been happening:


  • 🐝 Updates and Fixes in Hive: Check out the newest features in GraphQL Hive, including general availability for native federation and support for Federation contracts.

  • 🌟 The Guild's Rebranding Journey: Follow our open-source journey as we redefine The Guild's public image and branding. Answer our survey to help us be better for you!

  • 🔥 Conductor is Now Open Source: Discover our MIT-licensed GraphQL Gateway, Conductor, now in alpha.

  • 🚀 Mesh v1 Implements Fusion: Key developments in Composite Schemas and the Mesh v1's Fusion implementation.

  • ✨ Revamp of Sneak peak over the exciting redesign of the official website, now introducing dark mode and another small surprise - GraphQL Conf 2024 website!

  • 🎤 GraphQL Conf 2024 is Coming Soon: Join us in San Francisco for GraphQL Conf 2024 from Sept 10-12. Building on the success of last year's groundbreaking vendor-free event!

  • 🛠️ Zendesk Enhances GraphQL Code Generator: Significant performance improvements in GraphQL Code Generator, thanks to Zendesk.

🐝 New Features and Fixes in Hive

GraphQL Hive is continuously improving, we've enhanced GraphQL Hive with crucial features to streamline your GraphQL workflows:

  • Schema Contracts for Federation: Manage and share your GraphQL schema more effectively with Schema Contracts. Ideal for creating multiple subsets of your schema tailored for different consumers.

  • Top Affected Operations and Clients: Now view the most impacted operations and clients for each schema change, to understand the consequences of modifications before finalizing them.

  • Schema Composition Changes for Schema Stitching: Improvements for predictable results in schema stitching projects. Input subgraph schemas will be sorted alphanumerically by name from 20.04.2024, ensuring stability across schema publishes and checks.

  • Introduction of Member Roles: Customize team management within Hive by assigning specific roles to members of your organization.

  • We are working on subscription and defer/stream usage reporting from apollo-server and GraphQL Yoga to Hive - check out this PR which will be deployed in the next couple of days!

Keep track on all new Hive product features here:

🙌 Community Contributions to GraphQL Hive

The community has been instrumental in enhancing GraphQL Hive, as seen in various contributions like the CLI Schema Check Command PR by Mina Kong.

Your support and contributions are what make this journey so rewarding. Let's keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible!

🌟 Join The Guild's Rebranding Mission: Share Your Valuable Feedback!

We're began our rebranding journey a couple of months ago, and it's all open-source! Join us as we redefine The Guild's identity and share every step of the process with our community. Please help us build better tools for you by answering our short survey with your genuine feedback.

Find out more about our rebranding efforts.

🔥 Conductor is Open Source and is now in Alpha!

Conductor, our rust-based MIT cutting-edge GraphQL Gateway, is now in alpha. Offering features like caching, rate-limiting, federation support, and more.

Dive into the details of Conductor.

🚀 Advancing Composite Schemas and Mesh v1

The GraphQL Foundation work on Composite Schemas for Federation is progressing well. You can join the meetings and follow them on YouTube.

Mesh v1 is getting very close and we are already running the alpha version with a couple of partner companies in production.

Mesh v1 now implements the Fusion spec, marking a significant milestone in our roadmap and making Mesh fully support both the latest Federation spec and the latest Fusion spec without the users needing to do anything.

Follow our public roadmap to keep updated!


Website Redesign

We're thrilled to announce a major ongoing refactor of the official website. We are making the transition from Gatsby to Next.js and our Nextra project, maintained by Dima from The Guild.
We've initiated a full redesign to modernize everything, introducing dark mode! Check out some sneak peeks of the new design and help us with feedback.

Also, with this new version you can find the new website for GraphQL Conf 2024 which will be live next week!

Check out the PR for a preview link of the new website and conference:

🎤 Get Ready for GraphQL Conf 2024!

We are excited to bring you GraphQL Conf 2024 in San Francisco, set for September 10-12! Following the remarkable success of the first vendor-free official GraphQL conference last year, we're eager to elevate this year's event even further. Drawing on the valuable lessons and experiences from our previous gathering, we are committed to making GraphQL Conf 2024 an even more enriching and memorable experience for everyone involved. Join us as we continue to grow and evolve in the world of GraphQL!

GraphQL Code Generator

🛠️ Major Contribution by Zendesk

Zendesk has made a significant contribution to the GraphQL Code Generator, massively improving its performance. This remarkable pull request addresses memory issues

🌐 Solid Query and Apollo Client Updates

Our community is buzzing with new plugins and updates, like the Solid Query generator, improved Apollo Client useFragment hook generation, and much more.

🔗 Extending Object Types

GraphQL Codegen Server Preset is our recommended way to writing type-safe resolvers on the server. It is maintained by Eddy Nguyen.

Check out the tweet where he highlights a favorite aspect of GraphQL: extending object types, which enables team ownership at the resolver level. Codegen Server Preset v0.7 supports this with no extra configuration!

💪 Community Powering Codegen

The Codegen community is thriving, thanks to 13 first-time contributors. Their efforts have been remarkable in enhancing various aspects of Codegen. We’d like to shout out to:

🤝 GraphQL JS Working Group and TSC Update

We're re-initiating the GraphQL JS Working Group this year, with the first meeting already done on Feb 28.

Also, we’d like to congratulate our very own Denis Badurina for becoming a TSC member for GraphQL!

🇬🇧 GraphQL London

Our last GraphQL London meetup was a blast! We're excited for the next one in April. Learn more about what happened last time and what's coming next.

📚 Nextra

Nextra continues to evolve, with exciting developments for Nextra 4 with app router and server components support.

Dimitri demonstrates the comparison:

🤘 Uber is using graphql-ws