The Guild Newsletter - Issue #6

A productive New Year's start after Christmas vacations! ❄

We've shipped major improvements for Hive's schema registry's behavior for Apollo Federation users and extended our documentation on SSO πŸš€

GraphQL ESLint now has its own website with a new playground page and full documentation πŸŽ‰GraphQL Code Generator has been shipped with built-in support for persisted queries and a new typed bresolvers preset by a new maintainer πŸš€

And much much more!


Our next Newsletter: beehiiv

This was a tough decision for us, we were really happy with getrevue for our newsletter platform but as you might know, getrevue shut down in January and deleted all of the data of its users, we took a backup of everything we have and we started investigating for alternatives, we've tried a lot of different platforms negotiating the pros and cons for each, and for our final decision we've decided to move our newsletter to beehiiv which seems to have the most suitable set of features and tradeoffs for the guild.

Uri Goldshtein got elected to be one of the new GraphQL TSC members πŸŽ‰

GraphQL Hive: blog post about the new Improvements in Schema Registry

GraphQL ESLint: website, online interactive playground, and documentation

GraphQL ESLint now has its own website with a new online interactive playground, and all the documentation was moved there.

Learn more by exploring the links below:DocumentationPlayground

New Project: Conductor - All-in-one GraphQL Gateway

GraphQL Code Generator: built-in support for persisted documents/queries

Recently Laurin shipped built-in support for persisted documents πŸŽ‰

Saihaj's new DataLoader version

Laurin's blog post about our CDN access token authorization using CloudFlare

Laurin is at AdvancedJS Amsterdam this week

Watch his talk about "Connecting GraphQL and React in 2022"

Scalable APIs with GraphQL Server Codegen Preset

The Guild ecosystem

GraphQL Code Generator: Flutter freezed v4.0.0 and dropping Node.js 12 support

With GraphQL Code Generator v3, we have dropped Node.js 12 support.

GraphQL Hive: extending documentation on SSO

Yassin has extended our SSO guide with fully comprehensive guides in configuring Okta, Azure Active Directory with Hive's OpenID provider

Nextra: nextra-theme-docs and performance improvements

nextra-theme-docs was released with a toggle sidebar feature.

Dima and Shu are working on versioning docs with remote MDX, and ISR, it will be available soon for everyone

GraphQL Stitching: now has its own website πŸŽ‰


As always, we are eager to get your feedback on all those recent releases; please feel free to reach out with any of the mediums listed below.

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