The Guild Newsletter - Issue #5

Many exciting things to share.

Yoga v3 and Envelop v3 are out 🎉

GraphQL Hive Self-Hosted now supports SSO(Single Sign On) Login. Documentation, and a Blog have been published explaining everything in detail.

GraphQL Code Generator now has better IDE support and documents/schema validations are now faster 🚀


GraphQL Yoga v3: The ultimate GraphQL Server experience

The v3 branch is now merged with our main branch and from now on is a stable version, a lot of major improvements have been shipped to Yoga that we're really excited to share.

GraphQL Yoga v3 comes with the brand new GraphiQL 2.0. The development of GraphiQL 2.0 has been a long ongoing process and we are so happy to finally replace the outdated and old-fashioned GraphiQL IDE with the new fancy and snappy version 2

As of today, GraphQL Yoga is the only GraphQL server in the JavaScript ecosystem that fully satisfies all mandatory and optional sections of the GraphQL over HTTP specification.

Support for Sofa API plugin makes it easy to convert any GraphQL API to REST API and in Yoga v3.

Yoga v3 is also compliant with Apollo Federation spec so you can use it for federated services as your Supergraph and/or as your Subgraph.

The new version of GraphQL Yoga is out! Learn what has improved and what is new!

GraphQL Hive: free SSO (Single Sign On) and migration to ClickHouse

We are excited to announce that due to popular demand we now support connecting a GraphQL Hive Organization to an OAuth Open ID Connect Provider (OIDC) for Single Sign On (SSO) including third-party providers such as Okta, Google, and GitHub.

Offering this feature for free is a big deal for us. We at The Guild believe that Single Sign On is a core security requirement and not a luxury feature that you have to buy in.

Link your GraphQL Hive Organization to your OAuth OIDC provider of choice.

Learn how migrating from Elasticsearch to ClickHouse enabled GraphQL Hive to scale from millions to billions of requests monthly and make everything 100x faster. "ClickHouse helped us to scale from millions to billions of rows monthly without headaches."

📺 Talk: “The future of GraphQL APIs”

If you haven’t already clicked on the player below, you should definitely check out Charly‘s talk about debunking myths of automation

The Guild ecosystem

GraphQL Hive

We recommend checking out Laurin's amazing YouTube video on how to get started with GraphQL Hive Self-Hosted

Nextra: 2.0, full-text search, language support, and many more

We are proud of Dimitri Postolov from The Guild for being a huge part of the Nextra maintainers team, who was the most active contributor in Nextra 2.0

While the complete list of changes can be found in the changelog, here are the major changes to keep in mind:

  • Support both Next.js 12/13

  • A New redesign of two official themes - docs and blog

  • MDX 2 support

  • Image optimization with

  • MDX links replacement with

  • Built-in full-text search

  • I18n support

  • LTR/RTL direction support

  • More customisable themes with various theme options

  • Fully extensible with rehype/remark plugins

  • Next SEO builtin

GraphQL Code Generator

While the work on the v3 is still ongoing, Codegen got many improvements.

First, the logic around validating GraphQL Schemas and documents has been changed, leading to great performance improvements. Large projects should see codegen execution time improved by 30x.

Finally, while more and more users are getting started with the new client-preset, we decided to improve the documentation related to Fragment Masking to ease the learning path:

To benefit from better performance and the many bugfixes shipped, update your @graphql-codegen/* packages 📦


As always, we are eager to get your feedback on all those recent releases; please feel free to reach out with any of the mediums listed below.

Stay up to date by following us on Twitter, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us by:

  • Replying to this issue

  • Opening an issue on our projects

  • Chat with us via our websites

  • Send an email to [email protected]