The Guild Newsletter #7

Summer is packed with a lot of Energy

As we are headed towards mid-year at The Guild, we've already made some solid strides in open-source projects and spoken at global conferences. Starting the summer with a lot of energy. Stay tuned to see how it unfolds!


- New HTTP Client focusing on end-to-end type safety, performance & great developer experience 🎉

- Schema Policy in GraphQL Hive 🐝

- @Defer support in Codegen 🚀

- Support for Deno and Bun in GraphQL-WS 🚀

- The Official GraphQL Conf is here (and more upcoming events) 🚀

And much more!


feTS: A new way of building and consuming REST APIs with the e2e type safety

We’re super excited to announce feTS, The Guild’s newest project for a great developer experience when working with REST APIs!

feTS HTTP client accepts any valid OpenAPI document and creates a type-safe client for it. It’s fully type-safe! Types are inferred from the OpenAPI spec and JSON Schema without any code generation needed.

Let us know about any pain point you have when working with REST APIs and let’s see how The Guild can help you!

That brings another topic! We’re expanding outside of the GraphQL world aiming towards enhancing your developer experience when working with REST APIs!

Need a specific solution for REST projects? The Guild would love to hear about your use cases!

Introducing Schema Policies in Hive

We’re excited to share that we have integrated GraphQL Eslint with GraphQL Hive to achieve Schema Policies, with it, you can manage and enforce best practices for your GraphQL Schema across your different teams.

Conference Talks

GraphQL over Internet by Denis Badurina

Subscriptions and Live Queries by Laurin Quast

Take a rest from REST by Aleksandra

Typescript Performance: Going Beyond The Surface by Aleksandra

Blog Posts

GraphQL Community

New Public Roadmaps

The Guild strongly embraces the idea of "Building In Public" and we are committed to taking this concept to new heights by maximizing the visibility of our work. In pursuit of this goal, we have created and open-sourced a powerful tool that seamlessly synchronizes our internal roadmaps in Notion with GitHub. This innovative solution enables us to keep the community fully informed about our ongoing development efforts in real-time.

On every The Guild open source project, you are gonna see this pinned issue named “Project Roadmap“ as in here:

The Guild AMA on Discord

We launched our Live Q&A with Uri Goldshtein & The Guild, answering the community's questions about GraphQL. We’ve really enjoyed engaging with the community and assisting with their queries 😉

You can look at the #qna discord channel below to see what we did there.

GraphQL Conf

The official GraphQL Conf has been announced. 🎉 

This would be the biggest GraphQL event to date, Early bird pricing is done by the end of the month! Grab your ticket before it’s too late, we’re excited to meet with you all in San Francisco!

Helping you start a new GraphQL/API Meetup in your hometown

We are starting a new program to support local Meetups across the world. If you love The Guild’s tools or GraphQL in general, feel free to reach out and we’ll help you start your local meetup.

We can help with sponsoring, speaking remotely or maybe even traveling and joining you in person!

Looking for community leaders!

The Guild is a distributed organization. We are looking for people to help us spread our open source tools and knowledge. If you wish to help, let us know! help and support

We’ve recently completely rewrote to it would be easy to contribute to.

We would love to get your ideas on how to make the main resource of the GraphQL community better.

The Guild Ecosystem

Dropping Node.js 14 support

The end-of-life date for Node.js 14 was April 30, 2023, with that being said, we have dropped Node.js 14 support for most of our libraries.

GraphQL Code Generator

Defer Support

ES Modules Support

GraphQL-WS: support for deno and bun

GraphQL Scalars: new LocalDateTime and `DateTimeISO` scalar

GraphQL Modules: TypeScript 5 support for the Inject and Optional decorators